Farmhouse, Black & White Star Porcelain Tile Pattern, 8x8 in.


$7.95/Sq. Ft.

The Black and White Star creates a warm rustic farmhouse design that cafes and restaurants so often use to achieve a cozy atmosphere. Use this tile on kitchen floors or accent areas to give your space the welcoming feel that will keep everyone seated for another warm drink and conversation.

Most Popular On: Kitchen Walls, Kitchen Floors, Laundry Rooms Floors, Bathroom Floors, Cafe Floors

Item Number: 03-111349-1

Material: Porcelain

Applications: Residential Wall, Residential Floor, Commercial Wall, Commercial Floor

Pieces Per Box: 25

Dimensions: 8 in. x 8 in. Thickness: 5mm

Finish: Matte


Shade Variation: This tile displays movement in color, so that all pieces are not completely identical. Much like a rock that you see outdoors, some parts may be a little lighter, some darker, and so forth.

Usually Ships Within: 3-4 Business Days

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