Breathe, Blue

We are calculating the recommended extra 10% square footage. You can manually adjust the Number of Boxes Needed if you like.

$10.45/Sq. Ft.

These enlarged subway tiles with cloudy surfaces in beautifully vivid colors serve as subtle yet significant contributors to the design aesthetic. With a very subtle gloss finish, these pieces will slightly reflect light, so as to add life and brightness to the interior.

Most Popular On: Kitchen Walls, Bathroom Walls, Cafe Walls, Accent Areas

Item Number: 04-111845-8

Material: Ceramic

Applications: Residential Wall, Commercial Wall

Pieces Per Box: 34

Dimensions: 4 in. x 10 in. Thickness: 7.3mm


Shade Variation: This tile displays movement in color, so that all pieces are not completely identical. Much like a rock that you see outdoors, some parts may be a little lighter, some darker, and so forth.


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