Our Story

We founded TileEstate when a friend told us how difficult tile sourcing had been for her: Michelle was smart, driven, successful, and finally building her hard-earned dream kitchen. But rather than enjoying this special time as she built her home, she was lost in mazes of stone amidst tons of other tasks to complete her home construction. We soon realized that Michelle was not the only one - finding interior finishes had been a chore rather than a pleasure for many people that undertook home constructions or renovations.

We want your home building project to be something that you enjoy not only once the work is complete, but throughout the process as well. We hope that with our help, the selection of tile will be something that you will look back on with joy.

Our Mission is to create an online experience where you can easily find the tile that’s right for you, order physical samples shipped quickly to your door, and ultimately buy the product that will make you happiest.

Our Everyday Focus Is On

A Really Easy Experience We want to help you find the perfect product easily. It can all be done from your home using our website, with plenty of customer support from us.You can order samples to see the physical product - no trips to warehouses necessary.

A Small Selection of Great Products You don’t need hundreds of options of each design – you need the top few. We curate our collections to offer just the top options for every look, so that your time is spent as efficiently as possible.

Fair, Transparent Prices We charge fair prices, and we share our prices openly on our website.

Green as Can Be Whenever possible, we work with recycled materials, never-fired tile (no fossil fuels); and manufacturers that emphasize green production, life cycles, and distribution. Oh, and we use biodegradable packing materials.

Did we mention free design advice?

Sometimes you just need someone to help you create the vision or mood board. We’ll help with that. There’s no obligation to make a purchase, we promise!

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We want your feedback to keep this all happening! If you have suggestions on how we can improve your tile shopping experience, tell us! Email info@tileestate.com
Thank you for building with us!

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